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Magnus Group - London Marathon 2019

b2ap3 large Magnus Group Dan Belcher Hackett

Kev and his wife, Elizabeth, are involved with Chernobyl Children's Life Line, Elizabeth being the Senior Trustee and Link Chairperson for Mid Sulffolk Link www.ccllmidsuffolk.org.uk

The charity bring children living in poverty to the UK from Belarus.

The country is still suffering from the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster some 30 years + after the explosion, there is extreme poverty outside of the capital city where families often live in wooden houses, some without running water and the majority without bathroom facilities.

There is a high rate of alcoholism due to depression, a lack of work or purpose with families existing rather than living from day to day, we as a link have brought over 300 first time travellers to the UK for respite care – these children have an experience they never forget as well as dental treatment and a visit to the opticians, many of the host parents make long term friends with the children and their families and some have brought the children on further visits funding these themselves, as a link wit air fares, visas day trips, clothing and essentials it costs about 700-00 per child to spend a month in the UK.

We have a further 18 arriving in July this summer, every penny is raised by us with the kind support of many people, all money is spent on the children and they have a great time.

This year we have been very lucky to be given 1 charity place in the London Marathon and Dan – pictured above has kindly agreed to run the event as our runner – Dan has been training hard and is looking forward to a great experience which will be even further enhanced if he can reach or even smash his target on his Virgin money page.

We are not asking anyone to give a lot, we are rather hoping many will give a little – so if you think you can help and even spare the price of a Gin & Tonic LOL please click on the link and donate today.

Please click here to donate

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Thursday, 19 May 2022

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