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Address: Daimler Drive, Cowpen Lane Ind.Est., Billingham TS23 4JD

devereux transport


From its modest roots Devereux has become one of the UK's leading transport and distribution businesses. The company's head office is in Billingham on Teesside and ideally located at the heart of the UK road network with easy access to the main road links in the area.
Devereux has come a long way since the 1930s.

Kenneth William Devereux established his first business in 1937 when he was just 14 years old. He started out with a hand kart to move a variety of goods including firewood. It wasn't long before this progressed to moving whole houses and pianos on the kart.

The number of hand karts was increased to 10 which were then hired out on a regular basis to people who realised that hiring the karts could save time and money when moving. Ken's business was interrupted when he joined the war effort, but after his return he established the company that still exists today. 1946 saw the arrival of the first vehicle in the form of a second hand van. Ken adapted this specifically so that long lengths of timber could be transported.